'KAEE' - a colloquial word for algae - denoted a vitalizing presence within an ecology. Not only does it fulfil a nourishing and filtering function, its metabolism and composition can be further studied to determine the health of the ecosystem. Like its namesake, Kaee Contemporary is sensitive to the changes within the local environment and hopes to be a lively interpreter for Kolkata's emergent contemporary art ecology.

Founded by Ambica Beri in 2022, Kaee Contemporary lodges itself within a perceived need for a dedicated contemporary art space that curates emerging and experimental practices, and places them in an intergenerational dialogue with established practitioners. With a range of energizing residencies between Kolkata and Maihar illuminating its core, the programming at Kaee catalyzes an interplay of urban and rural perspectives. In doing so, Kaee hopes to bring two distinct social-ecologies into a fruitful field of pollination.

Its homely setting in Alipore complete with a cafe and relaxed outdoor spaces counters the alienating white-cube aesthetic with a sense of coziness, hospitality and commensality. These unconventional settings are set to play host to a variety of formats - exhibitory, pedagogical, interactive - that foreground ingenuity, innovation, and interdisciplinarity. As with Art Ichol in Maihar, the goal is to move beyond presenting, collecting, and documenting, to foster a sustainable community of creative practitioners, interested publics, and supportive patrons.