Shalina Vichitra's paintings function as visceral geographical annotations and recordings that employ the tools of cartography to address the complex subject of 'belonging' and the fragile balance between the natural world and human habitation. Underlining her practice are moments of movement, of journeying - through paths and routes, across or within boundaries, between past and present, with the suggestion of an alternative possibility. Her work thus serves as an abstract rendering of a concrete reality. Her works chronicle pieces of land, markings on its surface, its layers and the patterns in the overall fabric of the Earth. The anonymity of its layers is fossilised and not only offers itself as a visual metaphor of lived experiences but also a tactile archive of the Earth's very being.

Shalina Vichitra completed her BFA and MFA at the College of Art, New Delhi. She has had solo shows with Art motif; Art Inc and Anant Art. Some of the Group shows include - “Inner life of Things” Of anatomies and armature - Curated by Roobina Karode KNMA 2022, Delhi Contemporary Art Week - Bikaner House, Art Dubai 2023 - Latitude 28, Spatial- gallery Art Motif, India Art Fair 2016- 2023 with Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi and Latitude 28, New Delhi (2022); 'Playhouse of Her Mind', Latitude 28,, New Delhi (2021) Brink Art Centrix, 'When is Empathy too much', Latitude 28,, New Delhi 2020; Infinite Continuum - IHC Art Incept, Poetics of Space - Art Positive 'Grain'- Gallery Espace ; 'Negotiating Matters' Anant Art curated by Roobina Karode,, Summer Show', Nature Morte ; 'Emerging India' - Royal College London; 'Who do you think I am'- The Gallery at Cork Street London ; 'Contemporary Indian art', Mueller and Plate, Munich, Contemporary Indian Art - Visual Arts Gallery gallery Art Motif ; 'Unearthing memories of civilisation' Kiran Nadar Museum 2020; Fusing Barn Bienalle, Taiwan 2008. Solo onsite project “A thousand white Flags” supported by The India Art Fair, New Delhi 2019 which is currently in the collection of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.

Shalina lives and works in Gurgaon, India.