Shailesh BR (has received his BFA in painting(2013) from CAVA, Mysore, and his PG Diploma in Painting (2015) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda. His practice is grounded on the nature of processes – of philosophical thought, art, and rituals as and through a material vocabulary of the every day that allows for re-imagining the purpose and function of everyday objects and practices around him.

Shailesh BR is recognized with the FICA- Emerging Artist Award in 2015 followed by his residency at Atelier Mondiale, Swiss Art Council, Basel in 2016. He held his first solo exhibition, Tarka (Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India, 2017), and 2nd solo exhibition, The Last Brahmin (Villa Arson, Nice, France, 2020). Shailesh’s practice is supported and recognized at various national and international platforms such as Magical Hackerism at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin 2022; Post-humanism; Art and Technology residency and exhibition at Asian Cultural Centre, Gwangju, South Korea The Light Side of The Moon, The Armory Show, Javits Center, New York 2022; Language is Migrant-Colomboscope, Sri Lanka & Abu Dhabi (supported by Warehouse 421) 2022, 17th Sovereign Asian Art Prize Exhibition, Hong Kong in 2021, Vector of Oppression BIVAF (Busan International Video Art Festival) South Korea in 2020, Big Biennale, Geneva and Embassy of Foreign Artist Residency, Geneva in 2019. Shailesh is currently a part of the Art and Science Residency at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Vienna.